Materials: Every single bow is the result of an accurate search for and study of the best quality materials. We personally select the materials us to offer our customers the best quality: top quality wood for risers by our supplier in Italy and top quality bamboo for limbs in China. By fine-tune machineries, we get our veneers to the right thickness and the layer to a flawless finish. Search for quality concerns not only wood but also synthetic fibers. Uni-/bidirectional Carbon fibers, clear or black fiberglass, upon request, guarantee the best clearance and performance.


Lamellar White Bamboo: top mechanical properties. Its unidirectional fibre texture and the multi-layers structure make the draw highly smooth and make the limbs react very well prevent them from twisting. Cream white, it can be used as finishing layer under the fiberglass or carbon fiber and as core. Mono-, polychromatic and camouflage tonality also available.

Lamellar tempered Bamboo: a.k.a. Action-bamboo, light brown and is made of vertical bamboo layers. Excellent cheaper option to white lamellar Bamboo to create fast and smooth limbs. Recommended as “core” : its multiple-layers structure prevent limbs from twisting, preserving the proper placement.

EVO-CORE GL: technologically advanced, it is made of epoxy resin with top mechanical properties. Compared to natural materials, it is far lighter thanks to its carbon fibers: it is the future option to wood in traditional Longbow and Recurve limbs building. It enhances the draw weight but at the same time it conveys the archer the impression of a lower poundage bow. Excellent reaction after shooting thanks to high smoothness in drawing phase.

Osage orange: Native to America, this heavy and hard wood has high quality mechanical, flexible and elastic properties. Aesthetically very pleasant and grained, with yellow-bright orange hints. It gets darker over time, getting red hints. Excellent for limbs, it makes the bow extremely fast whereas the draw phase results more constrained.

Elm: brown-red, with black grains. Aesthetically very pleasant, it can be used as finishing layer under the carbon fibers or fiberglass. It has good technical features: speed, smoothness and flexibility.

Veneer: very thick layers applied under the fiberglass. No mechanical properties, just aesthetic. Used in custom, valuable bows. Veneer can be either in briarwood or solid wood. Verneer available: Ebony Macassar, Erable, Birdseye Maple, Granadillo, Bocote, Bois De Rose, White Ebony, Olive wood, Myrtle and others upon request.

Woods available for Riser:

Ask for any other wood kind you prefer.