Economic quality bow, built with one of the best fibres, black or clear. Designed for beginners, it is a custom handcrafted bow at a relatively low prize. The Deflex-Reflex shape is rather stressed. Fast, silent, smooth and with no negative stack. When the bow is strung, tips reflection is hardly remarkable, creating a single curve. Lamellar bamboo limbs. Wood riser choice from: Bubinga, Ovangkol, Zebrano and Wengè. Tips, designed to assure lightness and solidity as well, are made of multiple core-tuff layers that prevent tips from breaking. Colours available: red/black, red/white, black/white and finished with a thin valuable wood layer. Applying a Marple Briarwood (black or grey) to the riser back, it gains more resistance, elegance. Varnish, with anti-scratch, semi-gloss materials, makes the bow warm and soft to the touch. It also protects from damp, accidental bumps that could deteriorate the bow. Kodiak is available in 62”, 64”, 66” and 68”. Issued with a Fast-Flight string and case.

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