New top quality Ultra Deflex-Reflex bow, it differs from Ares and Poseidon for its highly deflexed riser, characterised by a slowly progressive curve. It shows the most stressed riser deflexion. When the bow shoots the arrow, it is very stable and fast, with no vibration nor negative stack. When the bow is strung, it forms a sort of triangle, with no stressed curves by the tips. When the archer draws the string, s/he has almost the impression to get into the bow, getting an extremely high smooth feeling. The arrow flight is linear and clear, started with a silent and neat limbs closing. Easy to use though it is a technical bow, it impresses the archer because of its high accuracy and cast even with heavy arrows. As well as in the other medium-high level bows, the new limbs shapes enhance the bow performance.
The riser is designed on the customer hand with an anatomic grip to offer comfort and firmness under any conditions. 5 options and many different wood types available ( see risers materials schedule ), it is finished applying solid wood layer on the bow backing, making the bow harder and more resistant (see picture).
Under the fibreglass, it is possible to apply high quality wood layers of your choice to make your own bow unique. (see tips materials schedule ).
Tips, in core-tuff laminate or bidirectional carbon [fibre] and finished in a thin wood layer, permit the use of new yarn string as 8125g – 8190F and the traditional Fast-Flight.
Varnish with anti-scratch, gloss (ULTRAGLOSS),semi-gloss (60 GLOSS) and semi-matt (40 GLOSS), makes the bow warm and soft to the touch. It also protects from damp, accidental bumps that could deteriorate the bow.
Available in 60’’, 62’’ and 64’’. Issued with case, bow stringer, a Fast-Flight string. Warranted against breakage, cracks or riser and limps delamination for two years. It is very important to is the use of the bow stringer to string the bow.

See Warranty Terms and Conditions. Download data sheet