All our products are covered by warranty.
Traditional bows are warranted for 2 years: from the basic item to the high quality one. Historical bows, both selfbows and Osage/bamboo composite bows are warranted for 1 year.
Warranty terms and conditions:

  • Warranty covers limbs and risers breakage and delamination and any production failures may accour in handcrafting. Improper use and mishandling will void the warranty.
  • Compulsory use the bow stringer to string and unstring the bow to prevent limbs twisting and displacement.
  • Do not let the bow standig, strung for a long period of time, do not subject the bow to extreme temperatures, avoid leaving the bow next to any heat source as radiator, fireplaces, or in a vehicle in summer, because high temperature could damage the mechanical resistance of the adhesive.
  • Respect the yarn and strand number of the string of the manufacturer recommendation (see the product schedule). Contact us before changing the yarn string type!
  • Never use arrow under 9 grains per pound in order not to strain the bow.
  • Never dry loosing.

  • Warranty will apply unless the bow shows evidence of deterioration (dents, damaged limbs and tips) and non observance of the Warranty Terms and Conditions.